By Leah Hoppes

Marketing Chomp

Non-Fiction | Business

Take a Bite Out of the Competition!
This is a foundational marketing book that is critical for anyone who has a product or service to promote. Marketing Chomp is an easy-to-read book that breaks down all of the complicated marketing jargon and makes it accessible for anyone – regardless of experience level.
You now will have access to the process that has sustained every major corporation and has helped entrepreneurs just like yourself. No matter what your industry or business – this book will teach you to get ahead of the competition.



Reading through Chapter 6 actually caused me to re-think our current message and current audience and I immediately realized that I needed to make a change to ensure we’re reaching “Right Audience with Right Message.”

– Jeff Boersma, I.T. Company Owner


“I tend to lose focus pretty quickly and this book kept my attention the entire read because it was about “me”…I was probing, putting it on paper, truly examining myself and business and discovering my gifts, value and message.”

– Tracy Minnec, Leadership Coach

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Leah Hoppes

Marketing is second nature to me, and its one of those things that always occupies part of my brain. Weekends, family events, holidays – something always triggers the thought of how to better position a client, what we could do better in our own company . . . I literally, can’t not think about marketing.

Working with clients in well over 60 industries, with varying degrees of marketing knowledge, has also helped me hone my teaching skills. Not everyone wants to learn how to do it, but they all want to know why they should do it – and I have to explain in everyday language everything from SEO and ALT tags to how search engines work and what ranks on Facebook.

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